Shipping: US courier 5-7 working days 🏍 ELECTRIC SCOOTER CITYCOCO CP6 RED COLOR TYPE HARLEY DAVINSON 3000W 60V 30+25Ah 45km 12"

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"Experience urban exploration like never before with our Electric Scooter CityCoco CP6! Featuring a striking red color reminiscent of iconic Harley Davidson style, this scooter is a true head-turner. Powered by a robust 3000W motor and a combined 60V 30+25Ah battery, it offers both power and endurance for extended rides. Cover up to 45km on a single charge and navigate city streets with ease on its sturdy 12" wheels. Unleash the thrill of the ride with the CityCoco CP6 - where style meets performance for an electrifying adventure!"

Condition "Factory New"


Red colour

3000W motor

60V 30+25Ah double battery

Maximum climb 30°

Integrated alarm

Rear view mirrors

12" tires

Speed up to 45km/h

Autonomy up to 45km

Front and rear suspension

Disk brakes

Charging time 6-7 hours

Front and rear lights

Turning lights


With EEC COC certificates

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