Shipping: US courier 5-10 working days ELECTRIC SCOOTER CITYCOCO CP4+ BLACK COLOR TYPE HARLEY DAVINSON 3000W 60V 30Ah 40km 12"

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"Explore the city with style and power thanks to our Electric Scooter CityCoco CP4+! Available in a sleek black color, this model evokes the timeless spirit of legendary Harley Davidson motorcycles. With its powerful 3000W motor and 60V 30Ah battery, it offers exceptional performance and unique style. Cover up to 40km on a single charge and enjoy urban adventure with maximum comfort. Discover the freedom of moving around the city with the CityCoco CP4+!"

Condition "Factory New"


Black colour

3000W motor

60V 30Ah battery

Maximum climb 30°

Integrated alarm

Rear view mirrors

12" tires

Speed up to 45-60km/h

Autonomy up to 40km

Front and rear suspension

Disk brakes

Charging time 5-6 hours

Front and rear lights

Directional arrows

6A quick charger

With EEC COC certificates

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