🚛 Shipping: US courier 5-7 working days 🛴 ADULT ELECTRIC SCOOTER V7 WITH STARTER KEY DOUBLE ENGINE !!! 3000+ 3000 WATTS !!! 85KM 6000W 60V 38Ah

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"Unleash the power of our Adult Electric Scooter V7! With key ignition and dual motor, this scooter boasts an impressive 3000+3000 watts of unstoppable energy! Reach speeds of up to 85km/h and cruise effortlessly with its 6000W 60V 38Ah battery. Whether you're commuting or exploring the city, the V7 ensures an electrifying ride every time. Ignite your journey with our Electric Scooter V7 - where power meets precision for the ultimate urban adventure!"

Condition "Factory New"


Black colour

Weight 40kg

Speed up to 99km/h

Autonomy up to 85 km

60V and 38Ah lithium battery

Maximum capacity 150Kg

Maximum climb 40°

Double Motor 3000+3000 W

11' pneumatic tires

Front and rear disc brake

LCD Computer and LED Lights

Arrows, removable seat

Double charger

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